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About Us

Choosing the right partner to provide and support your mission critical communications is a crucial decision. Tariam is one of the only companies in the world that is focused purely on satellite based communications.

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We are licensed by



for permanent, transportable or mobile sending and receiving Network Earth Stations for the purposes of providing Wireless Telegraphy links between those stations and Geostationary Satellites.

Our license numbers are 0811300/1 and 0811308/1.

If you’re considering buying satellite broadband services in the UK, make sure you’re dealing with a licensed operator.

Tariam has deployed fixed satellite broadband solutions in 25 countries, and our portable solutions are used all over the world. Our customers range from individual home users to large corporations, the military, and Governments, and we have installed satellite broadband installations into some of the most hostile and complex environments on the planet.

We’re leading the drive towards connecting rural areas and not-spots using inexpensive domestic solutions like our Tooway service, helping society to close the digital divide.

Our Project Team have experience in providing voice, public Internet, and private network connections from the most challenging locations. Our relationships with numerous satellite owners and partners mean that we can provide ‘best of breed’ satellite communications almost anywhere. (Subject to local and military restrictions).

Our ongoing commitment to research and development means we are continually extending the boundaries of what is technically achievable in the deployment of alternative communications solutions in areas where no wired connectivity exists.

Tariam is one of the first and only companies in the world that can provide you with a global communications service, capable of broadband data, ISDN and simultaneous voice in one totally portable and affordable device.

Tariam provides high speed communications you can rely on, wherever your business needs connectivity.

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