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Some more about who we are, what we do and why we’re here.

Tariam Satellite Communications is a division of Satellite Solutions Worldwide Ltd.

Our key ability is to provide data or voice connectivity anywhere on the surface of the planet, or indeed in the air, irrespective of local infrastructure. We don’t own any satellites ourselves, but we do have access to and working relationships with all the major satellite consortia like Eutelsat, Inmarsat, Panamsat, SingTel, Telesat and Intelsat.

We also have many years of experience with the best satellite broadband and voice equipment on the market, and working with our satellite consortia partners, we’ve developed a number of satellite “platforms” that have wide ranging functionality for different types of customer.

These satellite platforms are working now, connecting our customers via satellite 24/7, 365 days a year. When a customer comes to us with a project or a communications challenge, our account managers working with our technicians and project managers, will analyse the customer’s needs, applications, budget and timescale and make recommendations of what the best product in the market is for the job. Because we are independent and not tied to one satellite company, we can be objective and offer you the best suited and best value product for your project or site.

Our services to our customers are therefore:-

  • Pre sales support – Understanding the customers needs, what they’re trying to achieve, where, when
  • Project Management – Working with the customer to deliver the best solutions to their communication needs
  • Installation – Licensing and the physical deployment and testing of the chosen equipment
  • Satellite connectivity – Providing, monitoring & managing the satellite connectivity to the site or system
  • Post sales support – Providing telephone & site support for the customer over the length of the deployment
  • Post project – De-installation, safe and environmentally friendly recycling of equipment

Bringing all this together means we can offer you a turn-key satellite based solution, based on sound expert advice, whatever your remote communication needs. We pride ourselves on always offering a keen price and once you’ve got your solution up and running, we promise we’ll look after you with industry leading Customer Service for as long as your a customer. Obviously we have the latest customer care technology like remote terminal diagnostics, online billing, ordering and support.

So whether your a home user with one PC, or a global multi-national with dozens of staff at sites on different continents we’ve got a solution that will solve your communication dilemma.

Most of our options are available to hire, buy or lease.

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