Afghanistan & Iraq

With ever increasing numbers of NATO & ISAF forces being deployed to remote areas of Afghanistan, the need for modern, super fast satellite  communications has never been greater.

Some of our satellite broadband customers

Tariam has been offering satellite broadband services in Afghanistan and other Middle East areas for several years, but we’ve now developed a specific Welfare product, inet, for serving Military Personnel and companies supporting the Military. If you want to know more about what we can do, tale a look at our capability statement.

In response to customer demand, we’ve put together a wide range of managed services that can accommodate 1 to 250 users, services can be shared at any location using secure wireless options or straightforward Ethernet networking.

Due to the exceptional demand for our services in Afghanistan and the high volume of new business we’re dealing with, we’re able to offer many serving Military Customers FREE hardware and rapid delivery ensuring as many personnel as possible stay in regular touch with friends and family during their postings abroad.

This means whether you’re serving Military Personnel or a Government/Military sub-contractor there’s no reason for you not to remain in regular contact with your loved ones back home. Our services support the usual internet protocols like email and browsing, but also Voice over IP and web conferencing.

There’s more information on the inet product as well as coverage and technical information here.

If you’re looking for a portable light weight or mobile broadband and voice product you should take a look at our BGAN solution.

If you’re after secure tactical communications or Enterprise or Carrier grade IP or broadband communications, take a look at our iconnect product.

If you want to know more, email us us with details of your location, the number of users you want to support and how quickly you want to be connected – we’ll take care of the rest.

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