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The business need for resilient internet communications has never been stronger, and yet the combined efforts of some of the largest telecoms companies in the world seem unable to deliver a fixed line terrestrial broadband network that delivers what and where many of their customers need it. This is where Tariam fits in.

 Business Users

Tariam has assembled a portfolio of “best of breed” satellite broadband solutions appropriate for today’s tough economic environment. We provide primary or secondary broadband connectivity wherever its needed, anywhere in Europe.

If you’re looking for compact and inexpensive satellite uplink or SNG facilities look no further as we have a unique offering for broadcasters which is in use by some of the world’s top news gatherers and broadcasters including the BBC, Fox News and CNN. NewsSpotter offers customers the chance to book dedicated satellite capacity whenever and wherever they want through their own online interface. Using the latest Ka band technology and capacity we can offer significantly higher upload and download speeds that traditional Ku based services, at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re after a compact, inexpensive static 2 way, satellite broadband internet connection for your home or small home office, take a look at Tooway (takes you to our new website) .

If you have a small business fibre grade, last mile connectivity with the ultimate in two way satellite performance for VPN, our iconnect product fits the bill.

If you’re a business user looking for satellite fail-over or secondary connection that’s cost effective to run, take a look at our iaccess product.

If you need mobile broadband and voice that works anywhere in the world BGAN is a totally unique product; take a look at our BGAN video.

If you just need a robust, small but fully featured satellite phone at a cellular phone price, take a look at our new IsatPhone Pro.

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