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Military operations continue to be a part of the ever changing political structure of our planet. As the world evolves, new technologies allow military personnel and their families to keep in touch to a degree never before possible in previous engagements.


Tariam is an experienced provider of satellite communications for Government and Military customers and we provide a range of unique technologies to assist in creating secure networks independent of local infrastructure to support communications in theatre or at home, for welfare or for operations, for primary or back-up connectivity. There’s more here about our capabilities.

Our inet services are specifically designed for Serving NATO and ISAF Military Personnel and their associated contractors, with free hardware available on qualifying airtime accounts.

Tariam’s range of satellite relationships mean that we can offer multi redundant voice, data and fax options for rapid deployment and break down virtually anywhere. We specialise in private circuit and satellite internet communications.

Use Iridium to connect

With Iridium, you can keep in touch, literally, wherever you roam; on land, at sea or in the air.

Even in the most inaccessible locations Tariam’s BGAN service offers a comprehensive ultra portable communications solution. For the first time with a single device, you can access data applications securely at broadband speeds and make phone calls at the same time.

Flexible data rates

In a world-first for mobile services, you can also select guaranteed data rates on demand, with a choice of rates to suit your application requirements. To ensure bandwidth availability, network capacity can be re-directed to areas of heavy usage.

Supports large amount of users

For large numbers of remote users, and disaster recovery Tariam’s Mobile Satellite Systems offer the opportunity to deploy even our largest bandwidth Managed Services very quickly into complex locations.

CCTV integration

Tariam is the first satellite communications company to pioneer dedicated services for the provision of CCTV links from remote sites, our satellite broadband services are ideal for monitoring high risk or high security isolated locations.

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