Telecomms & Carriers

As the demand for mobile and VoIP communications rewrites the book on the way telecoms companies operate, Tariam and our satellite partners have developed a number of carrier grade solutions to assist in extending the 3G network to corners of the globe where little or no infrastructure exists.

Telecomms and Carriers

Installing back-haul into remote locations is major contributor to the high costs of building out and running mobile networks.

Using our iconnect solution Tariam can back-haul cellular and wireless networks just about anywhere on the planet. We can design and implement network back-haul via satellite in impressive timescales, and with dynamic bandwidth allocation across the network, the cost of ownership compares very favourably with terrestrial networks.

Single hop SCPC (single channel per carrier) point-to-point links enable us to shift large volumes of voice and data traffic for Telcos and Carriers and to land traffic where it suits them to connect to the main backbone.

Tariam also works with a number of European fixed line network operators to supply satellite based communications for the 3% (average) of their customers sites that fall outside the fixed line network, and where it isn’t economical or time effective to install a dedicated terrestrial link.

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