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Satellite Broadband is the answer…

September 5th, 2012

…for those within the 3% of UK people who cannot receive broadband over wires? It would seem that this is most likely the case. Rather than put up with poor quality telcom services, or worse yet none at all, subscribers are electing in droves to move to satellite connectivity.

Increased broadband connectivity made possible by Ka band satellites

The new kid on the satellite block and favourite son of Ku band is Ka band which, with the aid of Eutelsat’s state of the art Ka Sat satellite, offers the fastest speed, the highest capacity and the most competitively priced services yet. The Ka band is the ideal support to current and future communication hardware, and as demand for broadband increases Ka band is quickly moving to the top of the satellite technology classroom.

Although at the time of writing Ka band users represents a surprisingly small 10% of UK satellite subscribers, it is worth considering Ka band’s versatility and ability to provide broadband coverage for areas with poor or no broadband connection.

With a high percentage of UK users now opting for either satellite or mobile connectivity, even if wired and fibre optic broadband is available, it’s apparent that satellite broadband is a workable solution that will ensure that everyone gets a fair bite of the broadband cherry. A recent report suggests that the number of broadband subscribers worldwide is now more than 600 million.

Ka- and technology and what it does

Ka band is the perfect technological soldier, running tirelessly across space and time to bring connectivity to all areas as well as offering steerable beams which can home in on high-capacity areas such as major cities and towns.

The advantage to the user of Ka band is that it enables satellite operators to re-use frequencies in adjoining satellite beams in fast succession meaning that they can move ten times as much data for the same amount of, clearly expensive, space capacity. This means services have come down dramatically in price, and speeds have gone up by a similar proportion.

The super fast Ka band brings faster speeds, higher bandwidths and flexible payloads to meet all demands. The Ka band will not clog up as does the existing Ku band and with its larger and more efficient transponders Ka band technology uses terminal equipment that is cost effective to both maintain and run. Ka band is more aesthetically pleasing too, as it uses smaller and less obtrusive antennas.

This new satellite solution allows an existing exterior dish to be connected to run your entire home or business networks by linking directly to the satellite. No telephone line is required.

Give the people what they want

Clearly figures show that people want the quick and reliable connection that is broadband, whether it comes from wire or satellite. However as the Ka band works its magic, it is likely that an increasing number of users will move over to satellite delivery systems, abandoning the underground broadband as less efficient and slower, despite the advances made with fibre optics.

With a steady charge of circa £18/pm for connectivity, and significantly higher upload speeds that most consumer wired services, satellite broadband is picking up not only customers outside the traditional broadband areas but also those who prefer the faster connectivity of satellite broadband services and at a lower price than many land-based delivery systems. Whereas previously satellite broadband was the more expensive smaller brother of its land-locked relative, now satellite is competing both on delivery and on price.

Since the launch of the mighty Ka band  across Europe and in the US homes and businesses users have quickly subscribed to the space age satellite technology, making satellite broadband one of the fastest growing telcom innovations on the planet.

In short the Ka- and satellite broadband brings a super efficient and eco-friendly technology to homes and businesses across the world.

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