How would your business cope without access to the internet or the ability to send and receive email?


How long would it take before your ability to operate effectively would be seriously compromised?

In the UK, most communications outages are caused by road contractor damage, vandalism and copper cable theft, but we also have to contend with gales, floods, snow, fire and terrorist activity. Further afield remote sites have to deal as well with earth quakes, pandemics and war.

How would it affect your internal and external customers, suppliers and stakeholders if any of your key sites were without broadband communications for a week? How about 2 weeks or even more?

Perhaps you don’t think it will happen to you?

Here’s proof that it can and does happen, and more often than you think.

Mortgage advisors without broadband for a week

London broadband outage

Current major BT broadband outages

Business Continuity Management has become such an important topic that the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has developed new standards and guidelines in the area of business communications continuity and disaster recovery:-

Managing Crises – ISO/IEC 24762:2008

Information Technology – Business Continuity – ISO/IEC 27031 (under development)

The Government is also briefing all businesses to look at Business Communications Resilience and has published a number of White Papers and Guideliness for UK companies.

When your business success depends on uninterrupted access to the Internet, you can’t rely on a single connection or a single provider. In most European countries, although DSL and many other corporate connections are sold by a range of service providers, they mainly rely on the core infrastructure of one company. In the UK, this is BT.

If there was a catastrophic failure of a part of the network, terrorist incident, or someone simply dug through the copper cables or fibre that connect your premises, how are you prepared to deal with that?

Exchange based fault fix times on Business DSL are often 7 to ten days, longer on physical outside faults.

A back-up satellite internet connection from Tariam could protect your business from catastrophe, providing a fast connection straight to the main backbone of the internet independent of any UK or BT based infrastructure.

In communications resilience planning, the key advantages of using satellite for failover internet connection are:-

  1. High grade, robust connection independent of local telecoms infrastructure, ducting and street cabinets
  2. No reliance on local POP or exchange
  3. Completely scalable connections, virtually unlimited bandwidth on demand
  4. Very high network up times, business grade support and site maintenance
  5. Supports all existing voice and data platforms and protocols
  6. Can be configured to work full time in conjunction with existing primary connection if the site lacks the necessary terrestrial connectivity needed, or can be set-up as a real-time failover connection

For truly mission critical sites, Tariam can provide you with 2 or 3 independent connections, working different satellites, and connecting to the IP backbone in different countries.

Tariam has tailored packages within it’s iaccess product designed specifically for use as back-up internet connections. These offer substantially reduced monthly airtime fees in the event that customers purchase a failover connection solution and it isn’t used or needed. This means that customers can enjoy the security of a high bandwidth, always on, failover connection at considerably reduced cost.

If your business relies on only one connection to the Internet, Tariam failover satellite is a vital tool for protecting your business against the hostile environment of the modern world.

Talk to a Business Continuity Specialist at Tariam and understand how we can make you business safer.

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