Maintain Business Continuity 24/7, Seamlessly & Cost Effectively with our new iaccess Failover Solution


We get a lot of enquires from companies who understand that using satellite internet connectivity is one of the only ways to provide true resilience for their terrestrial networks – but some businesses are put off by the costs of maintaining a satellite internet connection they’ll maybe use only 3 or 4 times a year.

The great news is our 2012 revised iaccess solution, based on iDirect technology, has been modified to become a dedicated failover product offering blisteringly fast, carrier grade connectivity, but without the running costs associated with high capacity VSAT networks.

We do this by charging you an inexpensive monthly fee to maintain the connection and reserve your bandwidth in case you need it, but we only charge you fully for the connectivity if you actually need to use the connection.

We can integrate the iaccess system alongside your main terrestrial connection, so that it can take over seamlessly when your terrestrial link fails or when there’s an interruption to service.

We believe the resilience of your company’s internet connection is extremely important to the image and profitability of your business, and therefore iaccess features the latest satellite technology, with the lowest latency of any commercially available VSAT connection.

Our iaccess platform features the latest idirect hardware designed around router protocols and benefiting from up to date traffic management theory developed in recent years in the mainstream Internet backbone.

Our iaccess platform benefits from:-

  • Star topology
  • The lowest latency commercially available satellite technology, iDirect
  • DVB-S2/ACM outbound for greater efficiency and enhanced network availability
  • Deterministic MF-TDMA return channel
  • Automatic end-to-end Uplink Power Control for reduced downtime
  • Optional AES 256-bit encryption
  • Ethernet interface
  • Low cost of entry

So for the first time you can have an Enterprise class connection, with the stand-by running costs of a second ADSL connection, but with the true resilience a satellite internet connection offers.

This product offers exceptional value for money, is unique to Tariam and is available to hire, buy or to lease.

If your new to satellite broadband, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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