Designed specifically to support the business critical applications of Enterprise and Government customers, Tariam’s iconnect platform combines an adaptable, scalable networking platform with the highest TCP/IP throughput in the industry.


iconnect (based on award winning iDirect technology) offers a transparent and extremely pure carrier grade network connection, delivering last mile broadband services comparable to digital terrestrial services, but with infinitely more flexibility.

Whereas most IP satellite platforms are derived from DVB broadcasting technologies, iconnect is based upon the latest iDirect hardware, which was designed from outset as a TCP/IP platform. The key advantage is that the network is designed around router technology and therefore benefits from up to date traffic management theory developed in recent years in the mainstream Internet backbone.

The quality of the network infrastructure permits exceptionally accurate data flow leading to low levels of retransmissions and the lowest latency of any commercially available satellite platform, ideal for time critical work like VoIP and web conferencing. A high degree of application support also makes iconnect ideally suited to today’s bandwidth hungry business applications.

Advanced remote site equipment combines an IP router with TCP acceleration and optimisation, traffic management, 3 DES encryption, DNS caching and QoS / prioritisation all in one easy to deploy, compact solution.

Tariam delivers end-to-end communications with no limits, featuring Latency Reduction Compression and
CESG approved encryption to IL4 and IL5

The exceptional flexibility of the technology and dynamic bandwidth allocation across the platform enables us to provide bespoke multi site networks for customers with the lowest running costs in the industry.

iconnect’s scalability allows users to easily accommodate current and future bandwidth requirements without further site visits.

iconnect is available to buy, lease or rent.

Managed Services are available across the following territories with different contention profiles to suit your needs:-

  • Throughout the UK and all of Europe (including the new European Countries)
  • The Middle East (including Iraq and Afghanistan)
  • South America
  • All of Africa

Our network terminates directly into Telehouse in London facilitating fast integration with MPLS and cheap and easy connectivity for private network solutions.

Combined with Tariam’s sector leading support solutions, iconnect is the ultimate solution for mission critical sites where no fixed line infrastructure exists.

Tariam iconnect supports all the usual iDirect features including star, mesh, SCPC or hybrid networks, and allows up to 18 Mbps downstream and 4.2 Mbps upstream connectivity, and is available now.

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