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The adoption of IP in the broadcast sector primarily for Electronic News Gathering has grown rapidly over the last five years, driven in the main by video journalists or editors in the field.

These requirements are now defined in practical terms for a number of different broadcasters including the BBC who are all deploying similar applications and these include:

  • Live video contribution feeds
  • Store and Forward File Contribution (FTP or similar uplink)
  • Audio Contribution for live radio
  • Return Cue and Audio Feeds including VOIP applications
  • Network Access including internet for file retrieval and general e-mail communications
  • Pan European coverage including parts of North Africa and the Middle East

The adoption by Tariam of Ka band satellite connectivity means that we can offer professional broadcast uplink services at a price that was inconceivable 3 or 4 years ago, using light weight, compact equipment that will fit on any commercial flight.

Tariam delivers a complete Broadcast Solution including satellite and terrestrial routing. Dedicated uplink speeds to 10 Mbps and downlink services also to 10 Mbps. ‘Off’ internet routing from Teleport to London POP and distribution with handoff at London Telehouse North.

An ‘Always On’ Contended (Max 20:1) high bandwidth of 6 Mbps uplink and 18 Mbps downlink. This allows for rapid outward bound file transfer. This accommodates internet access, corporate network access and FTP file transfer using applications such as Quicklink or LiveWire.

Our NewsSpotter system has an allocation of CIR (Committed Information Rate) live audio contribution and return talkback from the studio at 128 Kbps Duplex level.

Our Pan-European services are designed for the business user and competitively charged as a combination of speed purchased and the volume level selected in GB’s. For example, a user may choose to book 18 Mbps downlink with 6 Mbps uplink with a data volume limit of 100 GB’s per month. If this limit is exceeded the user can purchase additional GB’s.

The services are FAP free, if your prearranged monthly data limit is exceeded, the speed is limited to 128 Kbps until additional data volume is procured via a short term Volume Booster, or the next month’s allowance is credited.

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