The device which mates hardware based on Inmarsat’s BGAN satellite communications platform with an innovative power supply designed to work from any available power, and CESG and FIPS approved encryption, provides portable, robust voice and broadband data communications, literally anywhere.

We find our customers often have to deploy at a moments notice to environments where the communications infrastructure is at best ‘unquantified’, and SCIAC (Secure Communications In a Case, pronounced SKY-ACK) along with our managed ‘Secure Satellite Service’ finally overcomes the dilemma of taking classified material out of the office. Here is a deployable communications system that’s quick to deploy with no configuration, and requires little or no training, is easily transported, and extremely reliable.

Tariam’s SCIAC system has been designed and manufactured by Tariam in response to customer demands for a lightweight Deployable Communications System (DCS) with global reach and functionality.

Secure Satellite Service is a communications solution providing enhanced, managed data security. SCIAC is a portable device that can be transported in the overhead locker of a commercial flight, but that will allow you to connect back to the office and access or file material wherever you find yourself at the end of the flight.

Tariam SCIACTariam’s engineers have designed a portable environment which has everything you need in one place to access classified or secret material, wherever you are, irrespective of the local communications infrastructure.

The product set has completed formal evaluations by the UK Government CESG Assisted Products Scheme (CAPS) at “Enhanced Grade” standard, suitable to protect data up to short term SECRET, and is formally approved in the MoD’s Defence Infosec Products Co-operation Group (DIPCOG) scheme.

As well as secure communications, the BGAN satellite broadband unit can offer an immediate 450 kbps uncontended, symmetrical connection to the public internet, or back to your own secure data centre.

If you’d like a demonstration of how SCIAC can transform your ability to communicate on the move let us know.

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