Tariam’s new SwiftBroadband service is designed to meet this demand across all areas of aviation. For the first time true broadband communications will be available in the air. Services are made available utilising Inmarsat’s I-4 constellation.


SwiftBroadband is now accessible worldwide, except the extreme polar regions.  Inmarsat has an unrivalled history in providing robust and reliable aeronautical communications.

SwiftBroadband will allow numerous simultaneous users access to the internet and their corporate intranets. Data rates can be increased by using parallel channels and data compression. SwiftBroadband will support both IP and circuit-switched applications, with a choice between contended services and data streaming on demand.

SwiftBroadband will enable all key cockpit and cabin applications, including telephony, text messaging, email, and the internet, as well as flight plan, weather and chart updates.


  • Simultaneous voice and broadband data
  • Contended IP data at up to 432 kbps
  • IP data streaming on demand at 32, 64 and 128 kbps
  • GPRS, UMTS and ISDN compatible
  • Currently one and two-channel avionics
  • Standalone or simultaneous operation with other Inmarsat services


Compatible with government-grade encryption and secure communications standards, including STU-IIIb, STE, Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent.

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