20 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload – Options to ‘Contract Rent’ or ‘Buy’ the kit

Self-install or use a local installer to install the system

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Not sure what package you need?

  • 60 hours web surfing = 1.5GB
  • 1 Music Album = 0.06GB
  • 10 Min Video Clip on Youtube = 0.2GB
  • Low definition movie = 0.75GB
  • DVD quality movie = 4.5GB
  • 10 hours of internet radio = 1.2GB

Try Before you buy

We’re so confident you’ll love Tooway, we’d like to offer you a “no commitment” try-before-you-buy trial!

You can visit our office in Bicester, just north of M40 Junction 9.

Here you can try Tooway satellite broadband and see how great it really is. (Just email us or give us a ring before you come so that we can make sure we’re free to welcome you).

Tooway provides a low cost, quick to deploy, satellite internet connection for home users. File transfer speeds are up to 357 times faster than dial-up, and up to 40 times faster than many ordinary ADSL connections.

Tariam Tooway is currently available anywhere in Europe, including Ireland

Tooway is designed for consumers, but its also suitable for home offices and small businesses* with up to 8 users and is ideal for properties outside the fixed line broadband footprint or that have poor or low speed broadband over wires. Tooway is a satellite broadband solution designed from the outset for the home. It’s been extremely successful in North America with over 450,000 subscribers on the hardware.

If all this wasn’t exciting enough, we can even show you how your Tariam Tooway can cost you nothing at all!

Tooway supports

  • Email and browsing
  • Secure online sites, ecommerce and online banking
  • Remote site hook up
  • FTP
  • Distance Education

You can share the service between several computers using a wireless or standard router or switch, and you don’t need the ongoing expense of a phone line.

Our customers are giving us great feedback on using Tooway for Voice over IP services like


Skype allows users who have a broadband connection to talk and video call each other free of charge wherever they are in the world. The free to download Skype software also has many other great features like chat, voice-mail and conference calling; you can even make calls to people not on the internet straight to their land-line or mobile numbers, and the call costs are very competitive.

If you want to learn more about Skype and how it can help you be more productive by saving time and money travelling to meetings, take a look here.

Tooway features

  • Inexpensive hardware (even “free on some tariffs“!) and airtime from £19.99 inc VAT a month
  • FREE access to Google Apps with your own email address
  • A straightforward and unambiguous 30 day rolling or 24 month contract (depending whether you rent or buy)
  • Our “Refer-a-neighbour” scheme which can deliver your Tooway airtime for FREE
  • Download speeds up to 20 Mbps, upload up to 6 Mbps
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • Always on, plug and play connectivity
  • Rapid and cheap installation (or you can now get a local installer to do the work and pay less to us)
  • Available anywhere in Europe including Ireland, regardless of distance from exchange
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