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The Subsidy

The Broadband Support Scheme (BSS) is the Welsh Assembly’s fantastic new £2m subsidy scheme to eradicate rural not-spots in Wales.

Launched in July and available for the first time to individual households and home users, the Broadband Support Scheme is also available to Communities and 3rd sector organisations.

The Deal

A key fact for you to understand is that the Grant is available on a first come, first served basis. Its likely to therefore be limited to around 3,000 homes, households or businesses.

If you have poor broadband ‘speed’ of less than 2 Mb, or you don’t already have broadband, if you fit into one of these groups above, it’s likely you are eligible for the grant which covers the whole set-up cost of Tariam Tooway satellite broadband.

The great news is that customers who could benefit from the grant, no longer have to cash-flow the up-front costs themselves. If you’re approved for the grant (an easy process which we can walk you through) the Welsh Assembly are now happy to settle with us direct.

The monthly ongoing airtime subscription to the service isn’t covered by the Welsh Assembly Grant, but that’s the same as fixed line broadband, and we’ll tell you how to get that FREE as well as well through our refer a friend scheme (this is a separate offer unrelated to the Welsh Assembly Grant).

There’s no long term complicated Tariam contract, or other costs to pay, but to get the subsidy you have to commit to the Welsh Assembly that you’ll keep the service for at least 1 year.

The Broadband Support Scheme picks up the tab for the hardware, installation and set-up costs.

The Solution

Tariam’s Tooway is the very latest high-speed satellite broadband, offering you up to a super-fast 20 Mbps. That’s around 320 times faster than dial up. Tariam has hundreds of customers already enjoying the Tooway service, here you can read more about what they think of the service.

New customers normally order online here on our website, but if you qualify for the grant, your can have it for FREE. The service supports Voice over IP services like Skype, and does just about everything a fixed line broadband connection can do, and more.

Tariam Tooway is the ideal solution for not-spots in Wales, and with Welsh Assembly Broadband Grant, you can now have it with no set-up costs.

What do I do now?

Tariam as always is offering you a professionally managed, turn-key service, but you need to act quickly.

All you have to do is pick up the phone to our dedicated Support Desk…..

They’ll do the rest!

The number to call is 08 44 874 0605

Or email us now and we’ll call you back and get your broadband installation underway.

Once you receive our quote in the post, all you have to do is fill in the application form and send it to the Welsh Assembly.


If you’re interested there’s more information here about the professional installation.

Here’s more information about the Tooway solution.

We’re geared up to progress your application for the Broadband Support Scheme for you, and to complete and send you the forms. If you want to see the forms, the accompanying notes or the Welsh Assembly Fact Sheet, they’re available for you to download here:-

Wales Broadband Support Scheme Facts

Wales Broadband Support Scheme App Form

Wales Broadband Support Scheme App Form Notes

Or call the Welsh Assembly Broadband Grant helpdesk on this number and they’ll send the forms to you:

029 2036 8043


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