Satellite Systems

Tariam has developed its range of satellite systems over the last 8 years in response to customer feedback that they wanted a “one stop shop” for all their satellite communications needs.

Using satellite systems

It doesn’t matter where you want to work or play, or whether you’re a fixed site user or always on the move, we have satellite solutions that can keep you in touch for work or pleasure.

If you’re a home user looking for a home broadband solution, you need to read about our Tooway solution on our dedicated ToowayDirect website.

If you’re an Business or Government user looking for a primary satellite internet connection for a site where there’s no wires, you should take a look at iconnect.

Serving NATO Military Personnel and contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq should consider inet.

If you’re a business user looking for a fail-over or secondary connection that’s cost effective to run, take a look at our iaccess product.

If you want broadband on the move, take a look at BGAN. If you want an all in one secure, global Deployable Communications System, look at SCIAC and our Secure Satellite Service.

“Tariam Satellite Communications is Europe’s premier provider of satellite broadband, satellite internet, mobile broadband and wireless internet. Our satellite services, satellite systems and satellite phones encompass the widest range of options currently available for wireless broadband, whether you’re looking to buy, lease, hire or rent”.

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