Aeronautical Systems

In today’s always connected world, the expectation to be able to communicate as well in the air as you can on the ground is growing rapidly.

Aeronautical Systems

Tariam supplies and supports a range of aeronautical communications systems for:-

Air Transport

Allowing passengers to make calls, access email and the internet – while enabling the pilot to maintain direct contact with air traffic control, receive real-time weather information, access the most fuel-efficient oceanic flight paths and transmit the aircraft’s position and maintenance status to ground staff.

Business Aviation

Enabling passengers to carry on with business between take-off and landing, while ensuring that pilots minimize flying time, and maximize safety.

Government & Military

Offering high performance, secure and reliable satellite broadband connectivity around the globe. Our services enable officers, officials and VIP’s in transit and at the scene of operations to have reliable access to command, control and information resources on the ground – facilitating real time situational awareness.

Featuring global coverage (except for the extreme polar regions) delivered via fully-integrated aeronautical systems, Tariam’s services will provide users with access to E-mail, Internet and corporate networks. In addition we offer users terminal management, traffic control and security services, bringing a new level of communications to the cockpit and cabin.

Tariam’s new SwiftBroadband service facilitates broadband data, voice, SMS and fax and is the first network delivering high-speed mobile data services to aeronautical customers.

If your work or play takes you to the extremes of the planet, Tariam also offers a full range of Iridium based solutions. Iridium is currently the only truly global satellite voice and data solution, with complete coverage of the earth (including oceans, airways and Polar Regions).

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