Marine Systems

In today’s increasingly global markets, thousands of vessels cross the seven seas every day leaving many isolated from online business systems, corporate resources and of course, families.

Marine Systems

Owners of private vessels crave high tech communications to enable them to work effectively whilst on board, to connect to company intranets and to access business tools available to them when they’re in their shore based offices.

Man’s desire to roam for business and for pleasure hasn’t changed in centuries, but our ability to communicate effectively whilst on the water has changed dramatically.

Tariam supplies and supports a range of maritime communications systems for:-

Cargo and Shipping

For Ship managers to contact chandlers to make supply arrangements while at sea, securely access the Internet or company intranet and receive weather reports.


Military users to maintain voice and data communications with on-shore operational headquarters while at sea. Facilitating data capabilities for surveillance, to coordinate and track ships movements and to receive weather reports.

Pleasure Yachts

Yacht enthusiasts have a number of requirements while at sea and in port including their desire to keep a close watch on business interests and the ability to securely access the Internet or company intranet. In addition, they are also interested in receiving real time weather information to enable them to choose their next port of call.

Fishing Vessels

Fishing vessels operating on and off shore have a number of communications requirements. Access to the internet allows them to access auction and port sites to download the best prices on offer, find the best ports to sell their catch and receive real time weather and fishing updates.

Tariam’s new FleetBroadband system facilitates simultaneous voice, fax, SMS and broadband data communications, worldwide, with one simple terminal.

Our new IsatPhone Pro lightweight satellite phone works on the BGAN network, but fits in your shirt pocket.

Tariam’s Iridium service provides for voice and low speed data wherever you are on the planet.

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