Vehicle Mounted Systems

Tariam offers a wide range of highly developed solutions for turning a vehicle or trailer into a mobile office or command centre that’s completely independent of any fixed line infrastructure.

Vehicle Mounted Systems

Depending on the applications you require and whether you need voice, fax or data, or varying combinations, Tariam supplies and supports best of breed, turn-key satellite internet solutions for fully mobile or semi-mobile deployments.

Tariam offers self aligning vehicle mounted integration of our VSAT Managed Solutions with all the flexibility true broadband connectivity brings with our iconnect solution but on the move.

BGAN offers the ultimate fast to deploy mobile broadband and voice solution with global coverage, and we can provide a fully integrated vehicle mounted solutions.

With Iridium we can provide voice and data whilst moving, and we install and support fully integrated vehicle systems.

Our product recommendations will depend on:-

  • Whether you need a system that works on the move or when the vehicle is stationary.
  • Whether you need VPN, data, broadband data, or voice and fax.
  • The areas you need connectivity (UK, Europe or Worldwide).
  • Whether you want a fixed cost, unlimited data connection for heavy use, or just an occasional use connection with low fixed monthly outgoings

Our vehicle mounted systems support

  • VPN connectivity to corporate networks via private network or public internet
  • Multi user browsing and email networks for location work
  • VoIP and analogue voice and fax
  • Video or web conferencing
  • Telemedicine
  • Uncontended broadcasting video and radio uplinks
  • E-learning facilities and mobile exhibitions

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